New Swimming Pool Photography Prints

“Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Henry James said it best.

I don’t know about you, but March is my least favorite month of the year. This is when I reach my absolute limit with winter and cold and snow and just can’t take it any more. My skin is parched, my hair is dry, and all I want is to feel the sun on my skin and the warmth of its rays melting away tension and winter weariness.

To help beat the winter blues, I usually spend most of the season working on photos taken on trips to tropical places, or during the warmer months. This often results in summery print series, and this year is no different. I will be launching a LOT of new work this spring, and first out are these swimming pool prints.

These pictures make me so happy. To me, they embody summer, vacation and relaxation. It’s so close now, but still so far away. Counting the days…

The Swimming Pool Print Series

Swimming Pool No. 1 - Pool photography print by Cattie Coyle Photography

Swimming Pool No. 2 - Beach ball art by Cattie Coyle Photography

Swimming Pool No. 3 - Pool photography art by Cattie Coyle

Swimming Pool No. 4 - Pool photography print by Cattie Coyle





Swimming Pool No. 1 - Turquoise water art print by Cattie Coyle PhotographySwimming Pool No. 2 with 1 and 3 - Spa bathroom art by Cattie Coyle PhotographySwimming Pool No. 4 - Pool water print by Cattie Coyle

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