New Surfing Photography

The new series is live! I’m so excited about these new surfing photography prints. I’ve spent many dark winter hours working on them, reminiscing about past summers and looking forward to the next. And enjoying the scenery on my computer. 🙂

I think surfing is such a beautiful sport, the perfect mix of zen quiet mindfulness and intense adrenaline rushes. And being totally in tune with the elements. And all that is what I have tried to capture in these images.

There are 13 new prints in total: 2 new images in the “Waiting” series and 11 prints in the new “Surfing” series. Several of the “Surfing” prints come both as panoramic images in sizes up to 40×88 inches, and cropped to standard dimensions in sizes up to 40×60 inches.


Surfer No 6 - Surfing photography art by Cattie Coyle Photography

Surfing No 9 - Surfing photography by Cattie CoyleSurfing No 4 - Surf Photography by Cattie CoyleSurfing No 5 - Surfing photography art print by Cattie Coyle

Surfing No 6 - Surfing photography by Cattie Coyle

Surfing No 7 - Surf photography art print by Cattie Coyle

Surfing No 14 - Surfing photography art print by Cattie Coyle

Waiting No 10 - Surfing art by Cattie Coyle Photography


Surfing No 4 Panoramic - Surf photography by Cattie CoyleSurfing No 5 Panoramic - Surf photography by Cattie CoyleSurfing No 9 Panoramic - Surf photography by Cattie CoyleSurfing No 6 Panoramic - Surf photography by Cattie Coyle




Surfing No 6 - Surfer print by Cattie Coyle PhotographyWaiting No 9 - Oversized prints by Cattie Coyle Photography stsSurfing No 5 - Large art print by Cattie Coyle Photography

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