New Black and White Palm Tree Art Prints

Introducing two new black and white palm tree art prints!

Anyone else feeling winter weary? I’m writing this in early March, which to me is the most trying of all the months. I always start dreaming of the tropics this time of year, and when I can’t travel, I work on photographs from warmer places instead. 🙂

That’s what I’ve been doing this winter, and I just released two new black and white palm tree art prints: Palm Tree No. 9 (above) and Future Memories (below).

Both prints are available unframed and framed in sizes up to 40×60 inches, and you can get them as acrylic glass, metal, and canvas prints as well.

I have also started adding a short About the Image blurb – an artist’s statement of sorts – at the bottom of each page, to give a little bit more background on the image (and title, in cases where I feel it needs an explanation).

I sometimes write longer “The Story Behind the Image” posts here on the blog, and I’m trying to get better about doing that a bit more often as well. 🙂

A few Story Behind the Image posts

There’s always a story behind the image, and I still have a long way to go with adding the notes to each image in the store, but these palm tree prints (and a few more) are all set.

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