New Relaxing Art Prints from Rockport, MA

Relaxing Art Prints From The Off-Season on Cape Ann, MA

Happy New Year! 🍾 Did you have a good holiday season? Mine wasn’t so great, I came down with covid a week before Christmas and am still recovering… but my coffee finally stopped tasting like wet dog and I have lots more energy, so things are looking up!

I had a lot of things planned in December, and now my schedule is completely off. But I did manage to launch a new small collection of New England travel prints last week. First out are five images from the beautiful, calm, off-season in Rockport, MA. I love how quiet and still everything is as soon as the holidays are over. Even the intense wind of this very windy fall has died down, and it’s so soothing to stand on the empty beach looking out over the calm water.

As you know, relaxing art is my kind of thing any time of year, but I always feel like I/we need it even more after the hectic fall and holiday season.

As with the other travel prints, I will continue to add to this collection over time. If there’s a particular subject you would like to see, let me know!

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