Sand Abstractions – Natural Abstract Works of Art

Natural Abstract Works of Art

My latest print series is finally live! “Sand Abstractions” has been in the works for almost 6 years now, and it feels so good to get to share it with the world after all this time!

I photographed this series over many months in 2016-2017. I had by chance discovered a beach with patterns I had never seen anywhere else, like pencil sketches with a beautiful, soft blue color, and I became kind of obsessed with documenting them. The ephemeral nature of them only added to their appeal, but trying to figure out when exactly they would appear turned out to be difficult.

These natural abstract works of art are created by sediments and minerals in the sand. They are all different sizes, weights, and colors, and when the tide goes out, some of the lighter particles are washed away with the water, and some of the heavier (usually the darker shades) are left behind. In the case of these images, seaweed, rocks and shells lying right outside the shot added another filter mechanism too, and helped shape the patterns.

So the main factor in capturing these images was the timing of the tide, it had to be just right, and when it was, I went down to the beach early in the morning before any potential patterns were destroyed by people and dogs. Most of the time, I came home with nothing, but on days when I was lucky, I found a pattern I loved that was still intact. I had eventually collected quite a few and went to work on the post processing. And kept working on it. I had SO many shots, but have distilled this release down to 5 of my favorite prints.

I think I was lucky with the timing of everything, because I have gone back to that beach many times over the years since and never seen the same type of patterns, nor that blue color again.

This series is printed on heavyweight matte museum-grade Hahnemühle cotton rag paper, and the 3 larger sizes are limited edition prints, hand signed and numbered by me, and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

I hope you like them as much as I do!

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