Colors of The Year 2022

To sum up the colors of the year 2022: Green, green, green, a couple of blues, more green, and a bright splash of purple! Last year also saw blues and greens, but this year, the hues are more on the dusty side.

Lily of the Nile No 1 by Cattie Coyle Photography - Colors of the Year 2022
Lily of the Nile No. 1

As every year comes to a close, I love to check out all the big paint companies’ home decor color picks for the coming year and see if I can match any of my prints to them. I got quite a few this year, but the best match overall is probably “Lily of the Nile”.

In both 2020 and 2021, there were many beautiful shades of blue and a few greens; in 2022, the vast majority are green:

  • Laurel Leaf by Better Homes & Gardens
  • October Mist by Benjamin Moore
  • Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams
  • Blanched Thyme by Valspar
  • Guacamole by Glidden
  • Breezeway by Behr
  • Olive Sprig by PPG

And then there’s Pantone’s purple Very Peri as the notable exception.

The Colors of the Year 2022

Better Homes & Gardens: Laurel Leaf 

Colors of the Year 2022: Better Homes & Gardens Laurel Leaf

A soft and muted green that BHG says “mimics the rejuvenating appeal of eucalyptus leaves and reflects a renewed desire to incorporate elements of nature into our homes”

Ocean Waves No 15 - Fine art print by Cattie Coyle Photography
Ocean Waves No. 15

Benjamin Moore: October Mist Colors of the Year 2022: October Mist by Benjamin Moore

A pale and pretty green, one of my favorites this year. Benjamin Moore describes it as a “botanical shade that mimics the pale green of a flower stem”.

Fox Tail Agave - succulent art print by Cattie Coyle Photography
Fox Tail Agave

Sherwin-Williams: Evergreen Fog Colors of the Year 2022: Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

A darker, dusty green that Sherwin-Williams calls “Soothing, subtle, and a perfect shade to freshen up any space. It extends a comforting welcome in entryways, establish quiet and calm in bedrooms or bathrooms, and introduce restorative energy to living rooms, kitchens, and other common areas.”

Mexican Grass Tree - Succulent art prints by Cattie Coyle Photography
Mexican Grass Tree

Valspar: 12 Colors

Valspar Colors of the Year 2022

Rather than picking just one, Valspar has selected 12 as their colors of the year 2022, all in soft, warm, soothing shades. Valspar says that “each shade was selected for its ties to nature and ability to foster a peaceful, optimistic mindset.”

More on the Valspar colors coming up in a separate post!

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Aleutian Colors of the Year 2022: Aleutian HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

A blue! I personally love the soft, muted Aleutian, which Sherwin-Williams describes as “a washed indigo that sets a restful tone. Because it’s grounded in both warm and cool tones, it brings relaxation to any room.”

I do find it really soothing, but in spite of all my blue prints, don’t have one that is an exact match (yet!). The closest I get are lighter shades of this color in some of the Riviera Reverie prints. Quiet Morning might be the closest one.

Quiet Morning by Cattie Coyle Photography
Quiet Morning

Glidden: Guacamole Colors of the Year 2022: Guacamole by Glidden

The brightest of the greens, that Glidden describes as a “spirited yet soothing green that brings an organic energy that’s both relaxing and refreshing.”

Palm Tree No 5 by Cattie Coyle Photography
Palm Tree No. 5

Behr: Breezeway Colors of the Year 2022: Breezeway by Behr

My other favorite among the greens! Light, bright, pretty, and happy! I love the name and Behr’s description of it too: “A soft, silvery blue-green reminiscent of sea glass found along sandy beaches, and the crystal-clear water of a tucked-away bay. A color that welcomes a hopeful sense of renewal, restoration, and healing.”

Surfing No 4 by Cattie Coyle Photography
Surfing No. 4

PPG: Olive Sprig Colors of the Year 2022: Olive Sprig by PPG

A nice, soft, muted green. PPG says “the gray-green color was chosen to represent regrowth and the resiliency of nature as we adapt to new ways of living post-pandemic.”

Lifeline by Cattie Coyle Photography

Graham & Brown: Breathe Colors of the Year 2022: Graham & Brown Breathe

Another soft, soothing, “dusty” shade, and the only other one in blue. Graham & Brown calls it “a soothing mid blue, perfect for creating calm and peaceful spaces which is exactly what we all need for the year ahead.”

Antibes - Mediterranean Sea wall art by Cattie Coyle Photography
Print: Antibes

Pantone: Very Peri Colors of the Year 2022: Pantone Very Peri

Pantone actually created this as a brand new color, and says it “animates our creative spirit and opens us up to a new vision as it highlights the expansive possibilities that lay before us”.

Lily of the Nile No 2 by Cattie Coyle Photography float framed
Lily of the Nile No. 2

So there you have it: the colors of the year 2022. Which is your favorite?

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