Flocks of Birds

Flocks of birds: Two brand new black and white prints

I just added two new prints to the bird photography collection. I was shooting at Wingaersheek beach in Gloucester, MA on a foggy fall afternoon when large flocks of birds came flying overhead. I loved the formations of the flocks, as well as the silhouette of each bird – it was like an art installation in the sky and I just had to document it!

The birds turned out to be cormorants, double-crested cormorants to be specific. They migrate south for the winter and the cormorants you see up here during the colder months are Great Cormorants. I love watching them both fish and sit and dry their wings, but I don’t know if I had seen them during migration before this. I actually didn’t even know they migrate since you see cormorants year round here and I just assumed it was the same kind. So it was a cool sight and a great learning experience too!

PS. Did you know that a flock of cormorants is called a gulp?

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