NEW! Ready to Hang Gallery Walls

I love gallery walls, and I’m thrilled to announce that gallery wall sets are now available in my store!

Gallery walls by Cattie Coyle Photography

It all started because this particular set became really popular on Pinterest and several people reached out and asked about the images, so I decided to make them a set. And then I made a few more! 🙂 There are now several different combinations of 5, 4, 3, and 2 prints, some with unique print sizes only available as part of a set. But if you prefer a different group of prints, you can swap out one, or change the entire layout if you want.

Beach photography gallery walls by Cattie Coyle Photography

All sets come framed and ready to hang, or as prints only, for those who prefer to do their own framing. You save up to 25% compared to buying the prints “a la carte”, PLUS shipping is free in the US!

Bird photography gallery walls by Cattie Coyle Photography

Have a specific theme or color scheme you would like to see as a gallery wall? California? New England? Black and White? Abstract? Let me know!

Shop gallery walls by Cattie Coyle Photography

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