New Work: Beach Days

Do you ever create something without knowing exactly why? You just have to do it and get it out of your system. That’s what happened with me and “Beach Days”. It didn’t become clear to me why I created them until I did some soul searching and journaling.

Beach Days No 1 Fine art print by Cattie Coyle Photography

What really got me thinking was my husband saying that to him, they looked like a distant, unreachable utopia. At first I wasn’t too happy about that. 

But maybe he was on to something. There is a melancholic longing in the images and a wish for carefree days that sometimes seem to exist only in pictures. I shot them on one of those perfect beach days you wish could go on forever. But why did I create these images this way? I tried to dig deeper.

Beach Days No 3 Fine art print by Cattie Coyle Photography

I realized that they are influenced by images I saw in my Grandparents’ house growing up. They used to travel quite a bit, and my Grandfather was an avid amateur photographer, so they had lots of images and photo albums everywhere. I used to love looking through them with my Grandmother while she was telling me the stories behind the photos. There were so many fun adventures and happy memories, and those slowly fading black and white images of glamorous locations and good times became emblematic of the kind of life I wanted to live as well.

Working on the photos later, I kept playing with them until they felt right. I didn’t know at that time WHY they felt right, but they did, and I stopped. Those were the final images.

Beach Days No 2 Fine art print by Cattie Coyle Photography

EXCITING UPDATE! Beach Days No. 9 was featured in House Beautiful!

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