New Work: Sandpiper Portraits

Sandpipers - Fine art bird photography by Cattie Coyle SN2

These little Sandpipers showed up on our beach on a bleak spring morning, making a quick stop on their way from South America to Canada. Their annual migration is truly amazing – a few years ago, a research team put a tiny geolocator on a Sandpiper in Canada in June, hoping to be able to map its journey over the next year. When the bird returned, they found it, removed the locator and analyzed the results. It showed that after it left Canada the previous August, it flew nonstop for six days to South America!

They only stayed on our beach for a couple of days, but I spent a lot of time with them, trying to capture their beauty both as individuals and in the abstract appearance of them as a group.

Semipalmated-Sandpipers-4-by-Cattie-Coyle-PhotographySandpipers Fine Art print by Cattie Coyle Photography

They are such adorable, beautiful and amazing little beings, and their movements as a group are mesmerizing. I looked forward to my time with them every morning when I woke up and really missed them after they left.

Black and white picture gallery wall by Cattie Coyle Photography

But at least they return every spring. And I have the photos to remind me of them when they’re not here. 🙂  The new portrait prints are available framed and unframed, and as a discounted set. To shop, just click on any image, or go to the Bird photography fine art prints section in my print store.

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