Sparkling Green Ocean Waves

New Work! Sparkling green ocean waves

Ocean Waves No 2 by Cattie Coyle Photography

Fall has rushed by as usual and when I’m writing this, Christmas is less than three weeks away. Yikes! I don’t mind winter, or even snow, up until New Years, but after that, I’m done with it. I want it to be summer again right away. Sadly, that doesn’t happen in the parts of the world where I currently spend my time (New England and Sweden). So while I wait for that to happen, I work on the photos I took over the summer, and surround myself with mementos of days spent on the beach – seashells, sand, and such. And look longingly at pictures from those warm and happy days! The Ocean Waves series is one that is definitely going to help get me through this winter.

Ocean Waves No 3 by Cattie Coyle Photography

I love how the color of water can affect how you (I at least!) feel about it, from the uneasiness of cold, dark, almost black water to the giddy happiness that comes with warm, bright, transparent turquoise waves, and all the emotions that go along with every shade in between.

Ocean Waves No 1 by Cattie Coyle Photography

These green ocean waves are definitely on the happy end of the scale for me. How do you feel about them?

Ocean Waves No 5 by Cattie Coyle Photography

I photographed them all on beautiful, quiet spring mornings at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, MA.

Ocean Waves No 4 by Cattie Coyle Photography

That soft, filtered light, the sunbursts, the glitter in the distance – it all makes me so happy!

Sparkling Ocean Waves by Cattie Coyle Photography

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