Things to do in Stockholm: Ulriksdal Garden Centre

In this “Things to do in Stockholm” post, the hunt for the flowerpot continues! As I mentioned in the Ulriksdal Palace post, the reason we went there in the first place was because I had seen a flowerpot in a Swedish decorating magazine that I wanted, if it would fit in one of the suitcases.

What I didn’t realize was that there is the palace area of Ulriksdal, and then there is the garden centre, just down the street, which is where he guard at the Orangery told us to go when I asked about the flowerpots.

So we set off down a little tree lined gravel road and not even 5 minutes later, we arrived at the garden. Wow. What a place. Row after row of pick your own vegetables, flowers and herbs, several greenhouses, a shop, a café (which serves a vegetarian lunch buffet and beer and wine), and a pavilion with flowing curtains and a wooden swinging couch for lounging set right in the middle of it all.

Ulriksdal Garden Centre by Cattie Coyle

We wandered around for quite a while, planning which veggies to pick and what to make for dinner. There were a few people and dogs here and there, but not crowded by any means. The air smelled of flowers and there was a constant buzz from hardworking bees. Butterflies were everywhere, and the silence was only interrupted every now and then by the resident rooster.

Ulriksdal Garden Centre by Cattie Coyle

Then we went into the shop and I could have spent the entire afternoon there. It’s like an antique store / garden shop / upscale flea market filled with all kinds of treasures.

Ulriksdal Garden Centre shop by Cattie Coyle Photography

I wanted to pack the entire place up and take home with me!

Ulriksdal Garden Centre shop by Cattie Coyle Photography

And I found “my” flowerpot! Unfortunately, it was not going to fit in any of our suitcases, so it’s on the list for another time. I did buy their beautiful cookbook though, which is full of amazing vegetarian recipes.

We loved this place so much that we went back for a second visit a week later and return every time we’re in town.

Ulriksdal Garden Centre road and shopping bag by Cattie Coyle Photography

If you’re in Stockholm and want a dose of stillness and countryside, I highly recommend a visit. And if you’re staying in a place where you have access to a kitchen, definitely plan a dinner with lots of veggies and pick them yourself here.

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