Spring Fling: A Visit From South America (it’s not what you think!)

A fling of Sandpipers! What do you like most about the coast? One of the many things I love about living here is getting to observe and be part of the changes every season brings. From warm summer days when everyone is on the beach, to chilly fall mornings when you have it all to yourself, to winter storms where snow is swirling above the water and you think the waves are going to come right up to your front door, to spring with all the different migratory birds coming through.

Sandpipers No 1 - Extra large art print by Cattie Coyle PhotographyThese cute little Sandpipers showed up at Good Harbor Beach one bleak spring morning, making a quick stop on their way from South America to Canada. When I first saw them from a distance, running next to each other just at the edge of the water, I thought they were tiny waves. As I got a bit closer, I realized they were birds, and they formed the most beautiful patterns against the pale reflection of the sky in the water, almost resembling a foreign alphabet.

Sandpipers No 2 - Large bird art print by Cattie Coyle PhotographyThey only stayed for a couple of days, but I spent a lot of time with them, trying to capture both their beauty as individuals and the abstract appearance of them as a group. These are the first four prints from those days. I can’t wait to see them again next spring!

Sandpipers No 3 - Oversized bird art print by Cattie Coyle Photography

Did you know that a group of these birds is called a fling of Sandpipers? It can also be called a bind, contradiction, or hill. But I prefer fling!

Sandpipers No 4 - Big wall art by Cattie Coyle Photography

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