New Abstract Art Prints: Swimming Pools

Abstract art prints celebrating leisurely summer days by the pool

As I’m writing this, it is the last week of meteorological winter! 🎉 It went by fast, and really wasn’t all that bad here on Cape Ann. Cold and windy and a bit stormy, yes, but not a whole lot of snow, which always makes me happy. 🙂 Knock on wood though, March can be pretty brutal, so we’re not totally done with it yet.

I’m ringing in spring with a new abstract art print series that I photographed during the first year of the pandemic, when our scheduled summer in Sweden was canceled and we suddenly found ourselves without a place to live for 4 months (sometimes this nomad lifestyle is such a headache!). With everything in lockdown, finding a place last minute turned out to be a challenge, but thankfully, a friend came to the rescue, and we ended up in a beautiful house with a swimming pool. I found the shapes, patterns and shadows the sunshine created in the pool mesmerizing, and spent a lot of time out there with my camera that summer.

That was almost 4 years ago now. I’m not the quickest editor, I need to live with images for quite a while to see how I feel about them before I decide if they are going to be prints or not. I keep extensive excel spreadsheets with editing notes, and lots of images get the “not feeling it” label. Only a few ever end up as prints, and these are my final selections from “the summer by the pool”. I feel them.

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