Good Harbor Beach Named One Of The Best In The Country!

Good Harbor Beach was just named one of the top 25 beaches in the US by Travel & Leisure Magazine!

Walk through the dunes to Good Harbor Beach by Cattie Coyle Photography

And well-deservedly so! As you probably know, it’s one of my absolute favorite beaches, and I don’t know whether to be excited about it, or a bit bummed that the secret is out. 🙂

Good Harbor Beach by Cattie Coyle Photography

I found out about this because I was shooting at Good Harbor one morning last week and happened upon a Piping Plover looking for food in the sand. Just as I was about to start taking pictures, a man appeared and walked towards me. I looked up and said “Please don’t scare the plover!” He said, oh sorry, and just stood there while I was shooting. Eventually I said “You can obviously move, just please don’t scare the bird” and he said, “Actually, I was waiting to talk to you”. I said oh, and turned around. The man said “Did you know that Travel & Leisure just named this beach one of the best in the country”? I said no, I hadn’t heard that! He told me he was from a local radio station and ended up interviewing me about Good Harbor. He asked me what it is about that beach that makes it so special and it was a surprisingly difficult question to answer… it’s beautiful of course, but there’s more to it than that. It has a really good feel, a vibe of its own that’s hard to put into words. I like all beaches, but not all beaches have that particular feeling.

Piping Plover at Good Harbor Beach by Cattie Coyle Photography

And I didn’t think of it at the time, but the quality of the light is also a big draw for me: so soft and bright, often filtered through high clouds, turning everything into beautiful muted pastels and adding that happy sun glitter to the ocean.

I should also add that you never know exactly what you’ll find at that beach: which birds, what color the water will be, surfers, cool patterns, calm seas, big waves, all kinds of wildlife, fog, sundogs, journalists… Every visit is a new adventure! 🙂

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